Me by myself

I feel like I do quite a lot of interesting things, but when left to myself, I realize in a hard way how much I miss my lovely people. Two years ago I had a year of my dreams, this year I´ve learnt some lessons. My life has very good moments and some less good. I am trying to study happiness, how does it happen? I have many theories about most things, and like thinking about things like that.

One of the theories I´m thinking of at the moment is how life is good and bad. So life goes in cycles, after a bad period, there´s a good period on its way. The negative is that it also goes in the opposite direction. My newest study is on how you can be happy, and stay in that condition.

One year when I had a bad year, I figured out; if I feel sad, I need to change the big bricks of my life:

- The people I´m with
- My job
- Living situation
- My evenings
- My routines

My difficulty with that is that I´m sometimes quite worried that I won´t find anything better.
That semester I felt sad I had a job with nagging people, I got tired by the people that surrounded me, I rested in the afternoons without enjoying it. This made my routines covered in pessimism. What I should do next time I´m in that situation is to in a subtle way tell people how I feel, and how I need some time away from them, quit that job, and ask inspiring friends about what I should spend my evenings.


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