Some friends are there for fun, others for deep soulsearching

Some friends are there for fun, others for deep soul-searching. This is a varying factor in different cultures. And from one friend to another. 

- An Asian friend of mine in Norway told me; "friends are only there for fun, family is there for everything else. Btw; I think you share way too much about your personal life." 
- People that are traveling seem to have a different angle. They want deep relationships in a fast speed. So they only get an intensive `here and now´ version of you.
- The Norwegians I know here in Australia are making me proud about being a Norwegian. When being a foreigner in a new country, they all seem to stand up for each other. 

Why is the relation structure like this? Studying abroad is a crash course in a lot of things, friendship is one of them. Happiness is another. Independence is also one. I finished the second out of three exams today, and wondered; what would I like to do that doesn´t include usage of money.  Maybe I should have celebrated, or called a friend to tell about the relief of being done, or bought myself something nice. I didn´t do any of them. I went home, made leftover food into a meal, and ate half a camembert cheese with crackers. 


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